Everything I ever learned, I learned from Pinterest

As you can tell by the name of this blog and the title of this post… you probably get the gist of what this blog is all about. Adulthood Achieved is going to be a reflection of all the random things I’ve discovered about myself and the things I learned since graduating college. I’m entering the last year of my 20s, have gone through a few job changes, marriage, and home ownership, etc., but the most important thing I realized is learning how to make time for what I want to do. Whether that’s seeing where this blog takes me, working out, reading, cooking, spending time with my family, vacations, etc., making time for yourself to do what makes you happy is crucial to staying sane in this generation of technology, social apps, and the hundreds of television shows that you’ll never catch up on but really want to.

So not everything I learned, I learned from Pinterest, BUT A LOT of what I learn comes from there, especially after moving out. And as most millennials can probably attest to, its where most of us go to easily find recipes, solutions to problems, and DIY’s of a bunch of cute shit. A big part of this blog will be about all the random stuff I’ve learned on Pinterest, the rest of this blog… we’ll see where it takes me!